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Dollar Bills


Our grants help improve lives. In the past, MCSDD has helped procure items and services such as:

- Specialized Medical Equipment

- Adaptive Equipment

- Respite Funding

- Medical Appointment Mileage Reimbursement

- Dentures

- Security Equipment


1. Diagnosed with a developmental disability

2. Resident of Marion County

3. One of the following disabilities before the age of 22 which is likely to continue indefinitely:

- Difficulty learning

- Difficulty communicating

- Lack of self-direction

- Difficulty with mobility

- Difficulty with self-care

- Difficulty working and living independently

1st Cycle Grant- opens August 1st and closes the second Friday in October at 4:00pm. This grant cycle is open to both Providers and Individuals in Marion County.  

2nd Cycle Grant- opens February 1st and closes April 1st. This grant cycle is open to Individuals in Marion County Only (no provider applications accepted during this cycle).

To be considered and see if you qualify, please learn more below.

*All paper work must be fully completed and turned in on time.

Grant cycle open 8/1/2024
Grants: News
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